I found this week very frustrating. I spent so many hours just trying to get the dataset that I constructed to show up in p5 that, by the time I even had the smallest amount of success, all my ideas were unfeasible. For some reason I kept encountering this error that would endlessly loop my … Continue reading ICM WK 7


This week  we learned about the DOM and all the great, exciting features that go along with it. This was a cool learning experience for me. Prior to this, I had no idea that javascript was so inherently capable! Below is the link to my code. I made a little mad lib out of a … Continue reading The DOM

A Virus

I wanted to create some kind of (literally any kind) of behaviour that emulated a natural movement of biological system structure. It was a very frustrating experience. I continually received strange errors in the array. It would work for a round or two before highlighting an operational function, only to claim that it was no … Continue reading A Virus