Soft Robotics Week 1

PREVIOUS WORK Here’s a link to a project that I was particularly proud of. It’s an afrofuturistic, food centric piece that exhibited in January of last year. Tree Tank imagines a future people of colour who are actively addressing food sovereignty. They want to feel connected to their heritage through the food that they eat … Continue reading Soft Robotics Week 1

Metal Lathe

The metal lathe was a lot of fun! First I loaded my piece into the metal lathe. Then I faced the end Then I resurfaced the side as far as I could safely without making contact with the chuck. I flipped the piece around and milled the other end. Then I went on to make … Continue reading Metal Lathe

Street Dreaming

In Toronto I lived in a relatively trash free neighbourhood. When I started ITP I moved to Bed-Stuy which is literally full of trash and last weekend I moved to Prospect Heights which is suspiciously clean.. I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about trash, particularly the trash of Bed-Stuy which I already miss … Continue reading Street Dreaming

Making a Mallet

This week we made a mallet to practice turning two interlocking pieces. After watching the demo, I felt pretty confident about the procedure but there was an incredible amount of brain power that went into this assignment. I felt like I was building a mental map to the finished product as I was working through … Continue reading Making a Mallet

an irie place

I’m very interested exploring the area of healing rituals. I think there are many new age applications of the words self-care, ranging from benign experiences like face masks on a Monday night, to more formal aid and support like therapy. Lately I’ve been following along with a movement around crowd-sourcing massive lists of black therapists … Continue reading an irie place


LINK TO MY SLIDE DECK RESPONSE TO EXPLORATIVE FACTORY I really can’t believe how many methodologies there are to ideating the future. I enjoy the idea of futurism via games because inhibitions are usually low when you’re in a relaxed setting of play. The future timeline was very interesting. I was surprised to see “what … Continue reading WEEK 1