the small victories box

** Note ** Ben Light, if you’re reading this, I made this project for PCom but there are a lot of parallels to this week’s Fab assignment so I’ve shared it to my Fab blog as well. This was originally for Tom Igoe to read.¬†Hopefully my other Fab enclosure project comes together tonight! Moving to … Continue reading the small victories box

Catch Up

This week we are supposed to catch up on any labs that we haven’t done. I’ve gone back through the weeks and I think I’ve completed all the labs up to this date. Here are the last couple that we covered last week in class. In this lab, done during class, we looked at using … Continue reading Catch Up

WK 1 Inventions

In week 1 of IPC, we were tasked with developing an idea with a team. My team, comprised of Ellie and Rachel, came up with three interesting ideas – a gel pack, mounted to the back of your neck, that gauges that the environmental temperature and shifts to help bring your body to an acclimatized … Continue reading WK 1 Inventions