WK 9 – Motors

Lab: Using a Transistor to Control High Current Loads with an Arduino This lab helped us manage higher power supplies to control motors with a transistor. I’ve done something like this before but I’ve never seen code written straight to a transistor before. I really like this approach!   Lab: DC Motor Control Using an … Continue reading WK 9 – Motors


I found this week very frustrating. I spent so many hours just trying to get the dataset that I constructed to show up in p5 that, by the time I even had the smallest amount of success, all my ideas were unfeasible. For some reason I kept encountering this error that would endlessly loop my … Continue reading ICM WK 7

Moire Animation Box

It’s the last Fab class. So sad! I’ve really enjoyed it. It was certainly worth waking up early! This week I made a moire animation box. Moire is a style of animation built on static line based images. The top layer is transparent and creates the optical illusion of animated frames when passed over the … Continue reading Moire Animation Box