TraceRoute Assignment

I had originally set my mind on some physical visualizations of maps until I realized how much of this is still need to comprehend. I don’t think I’ve quite made it over the hump yet, I still feel pretty stuck in the weeds. I feel like I should be feeling some kind of awe or … Continue reading TraceRoute Assignment

Soft Robotics – Week 6

DARPA Questions: What are you trying to do? Articulate your objectives using absolutely no jargon. I’d like to make a visualization of the numbers of police brutality oriented deaths in North America over the last 50 years by inflating and deflating a set of silicone lungs. This piece is a metaphorical response to the Eric … Continue reading Soft Robotics – Week 6

I Can’t Breathe

This is a project based on a Black Lives Matter dataset that catalogues that number of unjust black deaths by the hand of police over the last ten years. This project is for Soft Robotics and isn’t due for another week and a day so the following image and video are of a prototype. The … Continue reading I Can’t Breathe